About me

If you want to preserve the beautiful moments of your dream wedding with stunning photography, only a skilled photographer with a wonderful style must do.​​​​

I’m Tim and I’m a professional wedding photographer with a passion to capture life’s beauty and precious moments through my lens. I am passionate about my work and do what it takes to create outstanding images that showcase special moments and create long lasting memories. 

I take pride in everything I do and committed to providing top-notch quality every single time. I am a very observant photographer and see beauty in the details that normally gets overlooked. My powers of observation and creative flair allow me to capture great images that reflect the spirit of the day or the genuine personality of my subjects.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than great customer feedback and seeing the joy that my photographs bring to the faces of my clients – this is confirmed by repeat business and recommendations. 

Please do get in touch and I look forward to being part of your big day! :)

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