Engagement Shoot

I am not sure where the concept of Engagement shoots has come from (probably from over the pond!) but it is a great idea.  All our wedding packages include this service free of charge but it can also be booked separately.

So why is this a great idea? Not everyone is comfortable at having their photograph taken and this shoot helps the photographer work with the couple to get used to being the centre of attention.  To some people this is absolutely terrifying! To others this is great and they naturally relax to the situation and strike a pose instantly.  Either way it allows us to get to know each other better, teach the little techniques to get the best look and most importantly create a bond.  We are going to be spending quite some time together on the big day, but not all of the day! ;)

Some couples like to buy this service separately, this is a sensible approach it gives you the chance to try before you buy.  It is a big commitment booking a Wedding Photographer, an Engagement Shoot allows you to assess skills and results.  We have a special offer for couples wanting to take this approach, we will discount the full cost of the Engagement Shoot from the cost of the Wedding Package if you go ahead and book us for your special day.

The photos are for your full use and can be downloaded from the website, some couples use them for their wedding stationary I can also produce a signing frame (see opposite) which is an alternative to a guest book.

Total Cost of Engagement Shoot - £175 all inclusive

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